Greece // The country words can't describe


exploring Greece

travel dates// end of july 2017

The question I received most when I went to Europe was what traveling agency I used, and the answer to that question is.... ME! Really, I planned the entire trip on my own. When I’m on vacation, every second is precious to me, so planning the trip myself allowed me to do what I wanted when I wanted.


If you’re wondering where to start, here is my usual process:

I start by choosing my top destination which, in this case, was Greece. Greece was a little trickier to plan because it has several islands, but my choices were ultimately Mykonos and Santorini. There is an option to take ferries to the islands, but my husband and I decided to take flights since they’re so much faster than ferries. 

My Itinerary


Sunday afternoon

Flew out of Florida


Arrived in Athens and stayed the night at our hotel to recover from jet lag. It was a 14 hour flight for us, so we needed the rest. 


Flew to Mykonos

We stayed in Poseidon Hotel & Suites // We LOVED everything about this hotel. I definitely suggest staying here if you can. It was very central to everything.  (

We arrived to Mykonos at about 6am. It was only a 45 minute flight from Athens, so we had the entire day to spend in Mykonos! I was really excited to get to Mykonos because it was on the top of my list for our Greece trip. The views were so breathtaking, and there was so much for us to do! We dropped off our bags at our hotel and explored the town a little before the ATV rental place opened up. I recommend renting ATVs to get around the town. You’ll save a lot of money, and it’s a lot of fun, but just be ready to press that gas when going up the hills. 

After breakfast, we headed to Ornos beach, which was only a 15 minute ATV ride from our hotel. When we got to the beach, we paid 20 euros a person for a boat that took us to all the beaches. We were able to go to 3 beaches with this boat drop off, and we really enjoyed it! 

We headed back to the hotel for a much needed nap. After we rested, we went to what’s considered party central of Mykonos, Tropicana Club at Paradise Beach! They had an awesome DJ and incredible gyro place right next door. 


We started the day off by walking over to Mykonos Town. We really loved our hotel since it was right next to the town and not too far from the places we wanted to visit. The town was really cool and had a lot of cool shops, but my husband and I are big foodies, so we really only spent money on food. And speaking of food, one of our favorite places we ate at in Mykonos Town was called Souvlaki Story. The gyros were to die for. 

The views were also really incredible here. I’ll let the photos do the talkin’.

Later, we drove around pretty much the entire town just exploring. We ended up back at Paradise Beach, and, of course, got some more gyros. It’s basically all we ate on the trip, and I really miss them now! After that, we headed to a beach club called Jackie O’s. This was a cool spot and one of  my favorites on the trip since it was a good place just to chill and have drinks with a beautiful view. We rented a cabana for 20 euros and spent a few hours relaxing. 

We spent the night at the airport since the only flight to Santorini had an overnight layover. I was cool with it since I can sleep like a baby anywhere. My husband, Danny, hated it because he couldn’t sleep. There was a guy a few chairs down from us snoring so loudly, but, hey, we saved over 100 euros!


Flew to Santorini (which was only a 20 minute flight)

We stayed in a hotel called Villa Pezoula ( It was a mini hike to get to get there despite it being so close to the main area in Oia. 

The views were beautiful, but I’m not sure I’d recommend staying at the hotel we stayed at.It was reasonably priced. It’s a family owned hotel with no front desk, so if you ever needed something, you would have to call them by phone or knock of their door (where I believe they lived). Whenever I did get in contact with them, they were very helpful. 

We dropped our bags off and went to Oia, which was about a 15 minute walk. So, you know how when you think of Greece, you think of blue top buildings? Although the views were breathtaking, it was kinda shocking at how few blue top buildings there actually were. 

At night, we made our way to Lolita’s for some bomb gelato, which is a place I’d recommend.


We booked a private boat tour through our hotel with about 10 other people. It took us all around Santorini. I really wish I remembered the name of the boat, because we had an amazing time. We did book it through our hotel. So i'd suggest asking your hotel for day boat tours to take you around Santorini. 

At night we headed to Thira where we had drinks and dinner at an incredible hotel restaurant called Grace Hotel. Although it was a bit pricey, the drinks, food and views were worth every penny. Again, the photos will speak for themselves. :)


A few things to know about my Greece experience:

Wifi isn’t too great. 

If you care about this, Everyone smokes pretty much everywhere.

YOU NEED ADAPTORS FOR OUTLETS. We had no idea about this, so we were going crazy looking for them everywhere. My adaptor wouldn’t fit in my hair straightener, so I had to rock beach hair the entire trip. 

Be ready to take a TON of pictures. 

People are awesome and carefree 


My favorite part about traveling is viewing so many different cultures. Without a doubt, Greece was beautiful and one of my favorite places I've been to. I would highly suggest saving up to visit this breathtaking country.  

** Everything stated are my own personal opinions. Nothing stated was sponsored. <3 If you found this blog helpful, please leave me a comment and make sure to follow my insta! @prada_emily