Winter Must haves

I think we can all agree our lives get a little busier around the holidays so we tend to get lazy on our fashion. Well i hope you find this blog post helpful on a few winter must haves that will have your outfits on point this holiday season. 

First off, over the knee boots are just a must. I own 4 pairs, all different colors/styles and I cant get enough of them because they will literally make your outfit. My favorite part about them is that you can dress them up or stay casual! They can be worn with shorts, a cute t-shirt dress, jeans, or a dress of any kind. I got these black boots at Steve Madden which is linked below for about $80. Totally worth the money because you can use them for a years. oh and not sure how long it’ll last but Steve Madden currently has 20% off of orders over $75.


My next winter must have item is a black long sleeve bodysuit! This is definitely a must have. I bought this one at some point last year from forever 21 and i love it! Its so easy to wear because it can literally be work with anything! Jeans, skirts, and shorts.

Next up would be a mini skirt! Another item that i own about 10 of them. Because were talking about winter, I’d personally go with a tan or burgundy one as I have pictured. I love mini skirts because you can also do so many looks! You can also dress them up or keep them casual. You can wear them with t-shirts, long sleeves, dressy blouses, sneakers, otk boots or even sneakers.

Lastly, a fedora! My favorite item of all! I found this one on clearance at forever 21 for $10 but they have them almost everywhere.  Everyone needs one of these because this simple detail will make you look like you know about fashion lol. The best part is they never go out of fashion and you can wear them year round! I own 6 of them and I love every color. This extra big one is my personal favorite except for when I hit people with it. Whoops!


Thanks for reading! I hope you found this helpful! Leave me a comment here or on my insta and let me know! <3