So when I first met my husband several years ago, I knew we would one day start a church together. Key words here… “one day”. To be honest, I wasn't laughing then at the thought of this, but I laugh now because at the time little did I know that this "one day” would be a just few months after getting married. I can honestly say I was no where near ready to be a pastors wife. Literally NO WHERE NEAR. After starting HeartWay church with my husband, my intention was to always keep to myself and support him from afar, but God definitely had way different plans for me - plans I could have never imagined for myself. When we first began our church, I thought to myself, people are way to messy. Why add drama and other people's hurt to my already difficult life. I was also extremely shy, something most pastor's wives aren’t. The perception I had of other pastor's wives was that they were these perfect women who loved people and either sang in the worship team or led the kids ministry. None of which I the ability or desire to do. Not even close. As time went on, God began to do something in my heart. Something I can say I didn't think was possible. My love for people grew day by day. God stirred up a fire in my heart to love other even more than I loved myself. 

As time went on, I remember going through so much hurt and pain from the judgement I would receive from others because I wasn't “the perfect pastor's wife”. Through all the criticism I came to the realization that I was and always will be very very different than what others expect me to be. And that's something I never want to change about myself. I don't know about you, but I hate being "normal" and fitting in. We were all uniquely made to stand out in our own way. Eventually, I found my place in the church, which now consists of leading the creative/photo/social media team. Once I found my sweet spot, I ran with it and haven't looked back since. 

No matter what I did, right or wrong I knew others would always have something to say. Something God has continually whispered in my heart is "BE YOU." I need to be the woman who God created ME to be, not the woman others EXPECT me to be. I've learned so much from my 2+ years of doing something other than what I had originally planned for my life. Let's not be ordinary. Let's not be who others say we need to be. Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a dentist, a trainer, or a ministry leader - be who you truly are, and don't apologize for it! God created you to be you, and YOU are what the world needs. 

Roles and titles don't define who you are. Don't ever settle for ordinary. Live the extraordinary life God has called you to live. With God by your  side, who can stop you?! Don't live to please others, live to please God. 

Dare to be different!