Michael + Jackie

I was honestly extremely nervous to take our wedding photos mostly because like any guy, my husband hates taking pictures! But my god! We have never felt more comfortable in front of the camera together. Emily constantly made us laugh naturally throughout the entire shoot and she made me that much more excited to marry my now husband as she would make us whisper sweet/funny things in each others ear as we were taking the pictures. Unlike many photographers, one of the first questions Emily asks you is what YOU want from your pictures and what style you are seeking. She encourages you to send her ideas of what you like and expect for your big day and goes above and beyond to ensure that you receive just that and more on your special day. I truly have so many beautiful photos that completely left me breathless the first time I saw them and still, till this day still do. Emily does an amazing job capturing each and every giggle, smile, and heart felt look you give one another. Thank you so much Emily!!! Sincerely, Jackie

Emily Prada